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We all dream of high-rise ceilings and chandeliers, we all know the type of house we want to live in, why not turn it to reality?Maybe you want to build the backrooms you have wanted, or you may want to extend your parent’s house, or you want to build your dream home with more space why not turn your dream into reality. We take your vision and put it to paper, we design and plan your house for you. If you are looking for a house plan that is approved at affordable prices we will help you.

OUR house plan SERVICES




Our house plan work process

STEP 1: Contact Us

Call or e-mail us to set up a meeting, we will need your address so that we can come to you, or you can come to our offices.

STEP 2: Tell us your dream

We will need your current house plan or site-plan, if you don’t have one we can get that for you. At the meeting we will need a rough description of what you want (backroom, house extension etc). We then tell you the best design option for the area you are in.

STEP 3: Get Your Quote

You will then get a detailed quote and a draft of the design you chose. You then approve the draft, we then start working on the plan.

STEP 4: Approval Time

After you have seen and gave the thumbs up on the final plan, we then submit it to your local municipality. At this point we will need you to sign some documents then we submit. We then come to you with a plan that is approved so you can start the construction.

Contact us

It has never been easier to go through the process of getting a house plan

WHAT Our clients say

“A pleasure to work with. Very well organised and professional, excellent customer care and guidance. Problem solving is both constructive and supportive. Communication is excellent and very tenacious in making sure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and fulfils them”.
Hilary Leigh
Very exceptional service,Im very happy,Would reccomend to everyone"
Ntsiki Melese
"Very Nice,You really do turn Dreams into Reality,The Construction is as i had imagined,Thanks so much"
Tshegofatso legae
Thank you,My house plan is very well done,i have started with the building and everything is going according to plan
Jullie Van De Merwe

Frequently asked questions

It takes up to 6 weeks for the plan to be submitted, this will depend on your local municipality, it may take longer or shorter depending on the back-log  they have.

You can only start with the construction after the plan is drawn and approved.

Each house is different and each design is different , once your plan is done you can take it to your local hardware, they usually can do an estimate for you for free and then you can hire builders to build the house.

We can just draw the plan for you, just contact us for the quote, remember that you will be responsible  for the submission of the plan.

Yes we can submit your plan for you.

contact us